Happy Tails Team Building

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Charles Schulz, creator of Snoopy

Puppies, cats…they enrich our lives and make us happy. It wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful network of pet shelters across the nation, though. They provide temporary homes for animals waiting to be adopted- why not help them out with your next team building event? It’s an easy choice with Team Building Facilitators! Our Happy Tails workshop is all about helping you strengthen your team while you work to help a local pet shelter.

Pet Shelters Need Your Help

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoIt’s sad but true: more half of all pets who enter shelters in this country can’t be placed in homes and can’t be supported. Shelters are forced to euthanize these pets in order to keep the shelters functioning.

One thing that stands in the way of pet adoptions is the high upfront costs of taking a new pet home. Things like food bowls, collars, and toys really add up, causing many would-be pet owners to give up the notion of owning a pet.

You and Team Building Facilitators can help them out with a Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop. Participants work together to assemble pet care packages for new pet owners who want to take a shelter pet home and give it a permanent place to live.

Forging Bonds With Your Community

This workshop presents a great way for your company to get involved in the community. After all, pet shelters help out everyone, whether they own a pet or not. They take care of strays, provide pet safety and pet health services, and much more for the community.

Since so many of our clients are looking for ways to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, we came up with Happy Tails. It’s a team building workshop that everyone can feel good about as they work on important workplace (teambuilding) skills.

Strengthening Your Team

Don’t think it’s all fun and games, but participants do have a ball! They’ll be asked to solve puzzles and complete activities in order to earn the items for their pet care packages.

The hands-on activities are designed to challenge them in certain areas pertaining to team building: communication, primarily. They’ll learn the importance of understanding how to communicate with different styles from their own- something from which any team can benefit!

If this sounds right for your team, simply give us a call or fill out the handy quote form. We’ll be happy to discuss how a Happy Tails workshop can help you and your team meet your goals.